Interested in helping an LGBT Senior?

• Many seniors need assistance with such tasks as grocery shopping, running errands, and providing social activities.

• Often they need social interaction: whether that is one-on-one or helping them connect with a social group. Taking someone to coffee or simply calling and checking in on and elderly person can help them feel connected.

• Many LGBT seniors have no children or a family that will care for them.

• If you want to volunteer for a few hours each month, we can use you to assist someone in need of a friend.

Our Community Commitment

• To provide social services and emergency assistance to the LGBT community, as well as its families and friends

• To provide a local hub for LGBT services and activities

• To fill the gaps in services needed for the LGBT community in South Orange County

• To partner and collaborate with other agencies to serve our community

• To provide "shared space" enabling other agencies and groups to cost-effectively fulfill their missions

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