Cornerstone Outreach is made up of volunteers and concerned individuals within the LGBT community and its allies who are dedicated to helping others
Orange County Cornerstone Outreach (OCCO) is a public-benefit nonprofit formed to help provide goods and services to those in need. We serve over 800 individuals each year.
OCCO gathers donations, sorts, and distributes to our clients as well as clients of other agencies. We provide weekly food and toiletry distribution to those in need. We provide delivery to those who are ill. We assist other organizations serving our community by providing toys, candy, backpacks, food, toiletries, and diapers for their clients also.
Our commitment to serve the HIV/AIDS community includes our participation in AIDS Walk Orange County and the Orange County AIDS Ride. We provide toiletry kits to AIDS Services Foundation to be distributed to their homeless clients. These kits are filled with razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, soap, and shaving gel. We also provide backpacks and toys for the children who are affected and infected by HIV.

Our Community Commitment

• To provide social services and emergency assistance to the LGBT community, as well as its families and friends

• To provide a local hub for LGBT services and activities

• To fill the gaps in services needed for the LGBT community in South Orange County

• To partner and collaborate with other agencies to serve our community

• To provide "shared space" enabling other agencies and groups to cost-effectively fulfill their missions

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